Asbestos Artex Removal

Asbestos Artex is another thing that can be found within homes and businesses. Artex is a surface coating used for interior decorating, most often found in older roofs and ceilings. It contains the most common form of asbestos, which is called white asbestos. White asbestos is highly toxic. Just like with all our other services, we have the experience and knowledge to remove and dispose of the asbestos in an efficient manner.

Why Artex Is High Risk

This product was built using white asbestos which is very dangerous once damaged. Even modern coatings that don’t contain asbestos can still be harmful to anybody because of airborne dust particles. When it comes to older coatings, the risk is much higher. The quantity of asbestos found in asbestos Artex however is low. This doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. If you do become exposed to it, chances of asbestos related illnesses increase. We strongly recommend the Artex roof or ceiling to be removed and replaced as soon as possible. Asbestos is always very risky and that’s why you should use us and more importantly, trust us. Pick up the phone and contact your 1st Choice experts for more information.

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